Towne Center Play

At Lilliput Towne Center in McMurray PA, your children can:

  • Load their baskets with groceries and pay for their purchases at the Neighborhood Market.
  • Visit the Doctor’s Office, donning a lab coat as they try to diagnose why their little doll just isn’t feeling so well today.
  • Clang the bell at the Fire Station and reel out the fire house to call all Firefighters to action.
  • Stamp and deliver mail in their very own Post Office.
  • Visit Mr. Phil M. Up’s Gas Station for repairs when their delivery truck is making a “funny “ noise.
  • Serve up some delightful treats at the Ice Cream Shoppe.
  • Make an appointment at Anita Makeover’s Beauty Salon to primp in front of the mirrors with pretend cosmetics and dress-up clothes.

Behind the “grass” carpeted village is a tiled dining area for families to enjoy a snack or lunch. We do offer some snacks and drinks for purchase, but you are permitted to bring you own outside food with you. We only ask that all food and drink remain in the dining area. There is a small kitchen area which has a refrigerator and microwave available for your use. Free WiFi is also available.


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Policies and Procedures

Our mission is to provide a safe, clean and fun environment for children. In that effort, guardians and children
must comply with the following guidelines and procedures while enjoying the Towne Center.

A guardian’s signature at sign-in acknowledges their understanding and acceptance of these terms.

  • Children must wear appropriate shoes at all times.
  • Mouthed toys must be placed in the dirty toy bin.
  • Running throwing objects and rough play are not permitted. Please respect equipment,
    toys and others. Children who hurt others or damage surroundings or toys may be asked to leave
    with their caregiver.
  • Food and drink must remain in the dining area.
  • Toys should remain off the slide and off the green carpeted floor area.
  • Caregivers are responsible for the safety and behavior of their children at all times.
    Lilliput Play Homes will not be responsible for injuries resulting from unsafe play or inappropriate
    use of equipment.
  • No individual parties are permitted during Play Time hours- this includes presents,
    cakes, or other items associated with parties.
    Parties are reserved for designated party times only.

Special Notice and Warning to Parents and Guardians
Guests under Age 3

There are toys located within the play village which contain small parts and thereby constitute a
choking hazard for children under age 3.

Parents and Guardians are responsible for the supervision of their children.